The math curriculum at CHA blends discovery and discussion, projects, explorations and investigations, along with rigorous computational and problem-solving skills. Teachers encourage challenge and value mistakes as opportunities to learn. The process of arriving at one’s answer is just as important as the answer itself. Through project-based learning, math instruction is integrated throughout the curriculum, especially with applications in science and social studies.

The Lower School math curriculum builds on the fundamental mathematical strands of number sense, operations, algebraic thinking, measurement and data, and geometry. There are a wide variety of supplemental materials in every classroom to meet each child’s individual needs.

In Middle School, students are assigned to their mathematics classes based on their level of performance and interest as well as their commitment to studying math. With accelerated courses at each grade level, the most dedicated and advanced CHA students have the unique opportunity to take Geometry or Algebra II in eighth grade, years ahead of typical students in the public schools.