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Academic Excellence. Treasured Traditions. Jewish Values. Innovative Mindset. Community. Love for Israel.

At CHA we maximize each student’s potential, fostering curiosity, encouraging risk-taking, and ingraining a love of learning. CHA is committed to high academic standards rooted in Jewish knowledge, experiences and values – the building blocks of a lifelong Jewish meaning and practice, L’Dor va Dor - from generation to generation.


“My 3 kids attend CHA and I couldn’t be happier with our decision to enroll and join the CHA family. All of their teachers are warm and caring and the curriculum is impressive. We love the values and we appreciate watching our kids learn about our heritage.”

R. Huberman

“This type of excellence is exactly why we send our daughter to this school. The community behind CHA I can only describe as one of the best communities in America. It’s really an honor if your child gets to attend CHA.”

J. Rheaume

“We are so incredibly grateful to have our children attending CHA! The inclusive spirit and sense of Jewish pride permeates from the very moment the students arrive in the morning and extends through its superb staff and academics. Judaic and Secular teachers work together to create complimenting curriculums and the students are challenged, recognized and encouraged to go beyond for themselves and our community.”

M. New

“We absolutely love CHA! Our children are loved and cared for and receive the most incredible Judaic and secular education! We are so thrilled with the level of nurturing and devotion from their teachers and the entire staff. We are so happy to be part of the CHA family.”

M. Singer

“After 9 years at CHA I was ready to move on and start a new chapter in my life as a confident and well-rounded freshman. Though overwhelming at first, CHA prepared me well to continue with my Freshman classes in advanced Math, English, and Spanish. Scripps Ranch High School is a large school but CHA taught me to be true to myself and my values and that has helped me focus on what is important in life and not to get lost among the crowd. It was also great to have 3 of my CHA classmates and friends start with me at the high school, and we stuck together to support each other through this transition. I always remember what Rabbi Motte taught us, TGVZG, think good and everything will be good, and thanks to CHA life after CHA continues to be good.”

Maya Gerassi, Class of 2018

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