Jewish Studies Hebrew Language


Jewish Studies

Chabad Hebrew Academy provides students with a values-based Jewish education. The academic program enables students to integrate traditional Jewish text study with standards for ethical behavior that are essential in modern society. While all levels of religious observance are respected, CHA teaches students the fundamentals of prayer and mitzvot, which are the core Jewish experiences. The school instills in students an understanding of ethics, morals, and values through an intensive exposure to Jewish texts. Fundamental to the Judaic studies program is acquisition of Hebrew language skills and a deep connection to the State of Israel. Hebrew is taught both as a living language and as the historic language of Prayer, Torah, Rabbinic text and Commentaries. At CHA, we inspire a deep and ongoing involvement with the Jewish community and a sense of belonging to the Jewish people. We nurture a connection to Israel and to Judaism, in an environment that celebrates the diversity of our community.


Hebrew Language

Beginning in kindergarten, students acquire an active Hebrew vocabulary through Hebrew language experiences and develop a love and appreciation for the language. In grades 1-5, the Hebrew curriculum is TaL AM. The TaL AM curriculum is based on the principles of communicative-heritage language acquisition. It activates learning in all frames of mind by utilizing a wide range of activities for various communication modalities. Hebrew language acquisition, the development of Jewish concepts and values, and reading and writing skill are the major components integrated in our program. In second through fifth grades, Biblical language acquisition is added to this knowledge base..

In Middle School, Hebrew language instruction is taught with the NETA program. The program cultivates all aspects of Hebrew language learning – grammar and content, conversations and literature, poetry and factual information, drills and exercises and topics for lively discussion, songs and moral dilemmas, writing assignments and independent reading, current events and Biblical texts..

At all grade levels, Hebrew is taught Ivrit b’Ivrit by our team of experienced and highly trained foreign language specialists.