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Admissions Affordability

CHA ensures that every Jewish child has the opportunity to receive a Jewish Education!”

We are proud to have awarded over $2,000,000.00 in Financial Aid funds for the school year. In order to be eligible to apply for tuition assistance, the admissions packet must be completed and returned with the application fee of $600. The financial aid process is separate from admissions and does not affect a child’s acceptance.

CHA believes strongly in ensuring a Jewish Day School education to all students regardless of financial background. We provide needs-based financial aid to qualified applicants and encourage all families to apply for financial assistance. Financial aid is determined each year based on the number of applicants and available funds. Each application is carefully considered on needs and circumstances.

Tuition is determined each year by the Chabad Hebrew Academy Board. CHA utilizes FACTS Tuition Management Services for collecting and processing all tuition and fees.  Please follow this link to set up your account or make a payment.

Requests for Financial Aid are evaluated by an independent third party (FACTS), followed by our schools outside confidential committee. Applications are completed online. All applications are handled in a confidential manner with dignity and sensitivity.

Families are notified of their awards in the spring. Funds are limited, and it is imperative that families meet all specified deadlines. Please consult the current financial aid application for these dates. Late applications will be considered, if funds are still available.

To apply for financial aid, please provide the following documents: (available for download on this page)

For questions regarding Financial Aid, please contact Rabbi Shmuli Eber

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